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May 3, 2019




Harlem Goju Association: Harlem Goju Association's purpose is to perpetuate the ideals and philosophies of Major Leon Wallace and Grand Master Samuel McGee, to build self control, self confidence, self respect, self awareness, and improve health and social conditions in our communities.

Karate Training Program: This Karate training program is not meant to train people to be fighters nor is it intended to change people from what they are. It is mainly to give them self-confidence in their ability to achieve their goals and to do what ever it takes to reach goals that they set for themselves in this life.

Workshops: At the Harlem Goju Association, we intend to bring in well-known Senseis and people of good reputation to lecture our students on how to set and achieved goals.

General Activities: Other activities provided to the students will be trips to competitions at different venues in the tri-state areas to test their skills against other students. In addition, outings are planned with the Harlem Goju family to different events in the area. In the future Harlem Goju Association intends to assist our students to pursue higher education by sponsoring a scholarship in the name of Major Leon Wallace.Our students must do well in their everyday life as well as in their social and academic life. As you see, Karate is more than a sport to those of us in the Harlem Goju Association.

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