Edenwald-Gun Hill Neighborhood Center


Statement of Purpose:
We have many but simple rules during class. The most important rule is respect. Our school is a not-for-profit organization. We are dedicated to serving the Edenwald, Baychester Community with the most affordable, professional martial arts training. We are unlike other schools, when we say we are non-profit we mean we are not-for-profit, because there are no cost to the students for this high quality of training. Harlem Goju, of which we are a product of, is the only other martial arts school that has a policy of not charging the students for the training.
The youth and adult students in the training session at times may think the training is strict, but not so strict so as to prevent creativity and to have fun. Discipline and focus is especially important when students are learning the intricate katas (forms) that we have in Goju. Realistically we are not only training them to be good martial artist, we are training them to get along in this society without having to resort to violence, how to walk away from confrontations. The training gives them confidence in themselves so that they can avoid conflicts, and still feel good about themselves.
With great power comes great responsibility, Goju is the only martial art that encompasses every aspect of self-defense and self-fulfillment. Everything from punching, kicking and weapons to better health of the mind, body and culture.
The student if they are a youth and in school, they must get good grades and have good behavior, and be respectful to all of their elders, teachers and their peers. In this Dojo we want to see their report cards. Because if a youth can not do their school work, then we say they can not do this. One does not take the place of the other, they work together.
USA Goju is more then a martial art, it is a way of life with those of us that have come from THE HARLEM GOJU SCHOOL of martial arts.

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